At first glance, Vision Warehousing and Distribution (Vision) may look like any other storage facility in the Waynesboro Area – a massive concrete building surrounded by cargo trucks; the hustle and bustle of hardworking individuals on forklifts; and pallets of inventory shuffling in-and-out throughout the week. But, when you take a closer look, you learn that Vision Warehousing and Distribution is much more than a cold storage facility, it’s a staple in Franklin County with rich history and fond memories.

Nestled just outside of the heart of Downtown Waynesboro is an industrial property built in the early 1900’s used for refrigerated warehousing and storage. What is now Vision Warehousing and Distribution holds the same characteristics as the old Waynesboro Ice and Cold Storage unit that locals fondly recall from earlier years:

From its inception in 1901 to the work completed here by Frick Company, a world leader in Refrigeration, to the renovations and revitalization brought here by Trident Enterprises, I expect this facility will continue being a staple in this community.”

“As far back as I can remember, Waynesboro Ice and Cold Storage, now Vision Warehousing & Distribution, has been a part of my life. As a child in the summertime, my family would pack-up for family vacation and head out to the camp grounds; but not before stopping for a big block of ice for the refrigerator in our pop-up camper. It always fascinated me watching workers carry huge blocks of ice with those big ice tongs. I swear I held my breath waiting for them to drop them; but they never did.

As a young adult, my husband and I were just married at 20 years old, baby on the way, and just bought a home. There wasn’t a lot left over for a luxury like a home freezer; so we rented a locker at the Waynesboro Ice and Cold Storage. Monthly rentals gave us access to a locker in the very, very cold freezer for us to keep our venison.

Now, as a season veteran of adulthood, I am employed here. There are no more chunks of ice; no individual lockers for public rental. Everything is now commercial space; but as I walk inside each of these buildings, I always find a reminder of the rich history this facility has in the Waynesboro community. From its inception in 1901 to the work completed here by Frick Company, a world leader in Refrigeration, to the renovations and revitalization brought here by Trident Enterprises, I expect this facility will continue being a staple in this community.”

– Angela Shade, Account Manager, Vision Warehousing and Distribution – a division of Trident Enterprises International

Vision Warehousing and Distribution quickly established itself as a household name throughout the Waynesboro municipality for being a top choice in cold, frozen and dry storage and fulfillment services after being acquired by Trident Enterprises International in September 2014. Vision has contributed to the revitalization of the local economy by providing paid opportunities to local citizens through unison working efforts with Trident Enterprises International, the mass-head of online brands and

Waynesboro Chamber Notice-page-002Established in 1984 as a livestock fencing installation company, Trident Enterprises International (Trident) has been a wildlife exclusion expert for over three decades. While initially dealing only with electric fencing products, steady inquiries about deer and garden pest control barriers motivated Trident Enterprises International to become more involved with deer fencing; and in 1994, they began to install and distribute their very first deer fencing products. Though they transitioned from installer to strictly distributor, Trident’s background in installation gave them the knowledge to develop their own line of deer fencing accessories, containing rebar stakes, driveway gates, corner and end systems, and kits to address the needs of their customers. Through the years, Trident Enterprises International has had the pleasure of working with a variety of businesses and organizations, including Virginia Tech University, The Philadelphia Zoo, SeaWorld, and Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

Deerbusters, the industry leader in garden fencing and deer fencing across North America, uses the warehouse capacity for distribution of its durable poly fencing, and extra strength fences in steel hex and welded wire. With warehouses in both Pennsylvania and California, Deerbusters continues to successfully keeping out deer and pests from homes and gardens. Major clients of Deerbusters include: U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), national parks, vineyards, landscapers, and orchards.

Trident Enterprises International also runs, a major distributor of high quality lawn and garden products. Starting out as a mail order cataloger, the company changed to in 1998 so perspective customers could find their products easier and quicker than ever. The online retailer of garden supplies helps individuals create their dream gardens by offering gardening tools, seed starters, greenhouses, garden décor and much more.

Using the facility’s 110,000 square feet of ambient space, Vision Warehousing and Distribution has been able to accommodate the needs of clients in a timely and efficient manner. Anything from eggs and milk to juices and wine, Vision’s cold storage facility safely stores organic perishables for clients without the risk of spoilage. Vision has up to 80,000 square feet of cold storage warehousing space that can be chilled to clients’ specifications. Though Vision Warehousing and Distribution specializes in refrigerated warehousing, they also offer dry storage space and services. In addition to storing organic goods and perishables for the public, Vision serves Fortune 500 national and international corporations, suppliers and manufacturers in need of fulfillment support. From handling and packaging to shipping out products, the trained professionals at Vision Warehousing and Distribution provide exceptional supervision to ensure that products are treated with care for their clients.

Since its conception, Vision has helped the community through charitable partnerships, fundraisers and donations. Vision proudly supports Waynesboro Area Senior High School athletic teams throughout the Spring calendar for both the Indians and the Maidens. (Catch a glance at the ‘Go ‘Boro’ sign outside of our doors to show we mean it!) Vision maintains strong ties with the Waynesboro Department of Human Services, providing free storage of turkeys for needy families, as well as being a food tent sponsor during Project Big Love events. Past fundraiser donations have helped grow independent business such as B&B Dance Studio; and even allowed the children of Waynesboro to see magic shows at the Lions Club.

Open for business five days a week during regular business hours, Vision Warehousing and Distribution is located just minutes from I-81 and I-70 as well as Routes 16/140 and Route 15 for an easy commute to Harrisburg, PA, Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia. The devoted staff at Vision Warehousing and Distribution welcome perspective clients to schedule a tour of the facility to gain further insight into the culture of this flourishing landmark business.

Location: 144 Cleveland Avenue, Waynesboro, PA 17268
Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM EST