Submitted by Tim Latsbaugh

I grew up in Chambersburg, and love coming back to see friends, family and exploring what Franklin County has to offer. I cannot think of a better place to have lived while growing up. The people are friendly, the scenery is among the best you’ll find anywhere, and there is a lot to do.

I think a great attribute of the area is the vibrancy and personality of each season, and the area takes full advantage of each one with fairs, festivals, or by just taking in what nature delivers. I now live in a place that just blurs fall, winter and spring into a one long, year-round summer, so I really look forward to my visits. Regardless of the season, Franklin County brings it on. Spring in Franklin County has arguably one of the greenest backdrops I’ve ever seen. Summer is like a good chili – nice and hot, but still enjoyable – and I try not to miss the fireflies in June. Fall could be my favorite – the changing leaves, the smells, the little places to duck in and watch a Steelers game with other Steelers fans, and a few Ravens.  Winter is winter. I love visiting in the winter, and always hope for a snow. It keeps my driving skills in check, and I always know I can see the snow disappear in my rear view mirror when our visit ends as we head back home to a place that stays much too warm for snow, but seems to be perfect for mosquitoes.