Submitted by Nathan Neil

I grew up in the area, and now call Chambersburg home. In fact, I recently decided to relocate my business to the beautiful property of the Scotland Campus, which was once the Scotland School for Veterans Children.

Franklin County, to me, is a great mix of the outdoors, culture and the laidback lifestyle of a smaller towns. On the weekends, my family has options to hit the mountains for a hike or bike ride, head to one of the many downtowns for a great show and dinner, or there always seems to be a festival we can enjoy. I think many locals take it for granted, but the rolling hills and mountain ranges offer up some of the best views, hikes and sunsets than any other place I have been.

The county also a unique diversity of towns, each with its own personality and plenty to do. A day trip to any of them always brings a new adventure.